Subtheme in Osterburken: “Europe of Networks”


Teachers participating in Osterburken:

  1. Workshop “European Cooperation in space Exploration”: S. Eisele & L. Rauss
  2. Workshop “Network of Trade Routes: Salt”: A. Nolte, W. Pleger, G. Hillenbrand
  3. Workshop “The European Idea: cultural influences in Architecture”: C. Langewellpott
  4. Workshop “The Romans”: A. Link
  5. Theatre-Workshop “European Prejudices”: M. Wiznerowicz
  6. Workshop “Model Construction”: Dr. H. Illge

Sports Day on Wednesday, 15.05.2013
responsible colleague: E. Minninger,  participating colleagues: A. Bommer, D. Kurfiss, D. Modersohn

Teachers accompanying our students abroad:

  1. Belgium:    M. Schäfer & O. Schröder
  2. Holland:    D. Krause & D. Schneider
  3. Sweden:    J. Hallanzy
  4. Italy:    J. Hammer
  5. Poland:    S. Winckel

International Choir practicing in Osterburken: Leader is G. Fischer


1. “European Cooperation in Space Exploration”

The name explains it perfectly. You will see how different European nations work together exploring the space. For that purpose you will visit two exhibitions in the cities of Darmstadt  and Speyer respectively. You will construct your own rockets and let them fly on the last day of the European Week.
The work in the group will start on Monday, 13.05.2013 with an excursion to the city of Darmstadt. Please mind the fact that after the small welcome address by the Comenius-Coordinator of GTO you should quickly go to the bus which will wait for you at the school bus station: your guides will show you everything.
Departure at 09:00 am! In the afternoon you will be back to the school bus station at about 05:00 pm (17:00 o'clock)! The hosts should organize transportation back home!
Second excursion: on Thursday, 16.05.2013, destination Speyer.
Departure: 09:00 am Return: 04:00 pm (16:00 o'clock). To the hosts: no problem for travelling back home, you can catch your buses or trains!

Number of Participants:
Germany (13) ; Other countries (13)              

2. Theatre-Workshop “European Prejudices”

You will write the script based on your ideas, rehearse, experiment and perform the short play on the last day of the European Week. On Tuesday you will visit the misical show “Mamma Mia” based on music composed by the Swedish musician B. Andersson (ABBA) in Stuttgart. Departure of the bus: 03:30 pm (15:30 o'clock) from school. Return: at about midnight! To the hosts: Take some more food and drinks for that day! Organize transportation back home!

Number of Participants:
Germany (13) ; Other countries (12)

3. Workshop “The European Idea: cultural influences in Architecture”

The name of the workshop makes it clear: you are going to detect and explain certain intercultural influences in the sphere of architecture, to follow the development of such     influences through the course of history, to explain some phenomena, etc. The workshop will try to show you how such influences have contributed to the cultural enrichment in Europe. It will start with an excursion on Monday, 13.05.2013. You will meet Mr. Langewellpott at the railway station of Osterburken at 08:20 at latest! Mind the fact that the train with destination Würzburg starts at 08:27! Please, do not be late! In the city of Würzburg you will visit the “Residence”, a magnificent building showing a complex of architectural influences from many European countries and together with your guide, Mr Langewellpott, you will try to put them into historical context.

Number of Participants:
Germany (7) ; Other countries (7)

4. Workshop “The Romans”

In this workshop you will see how the Romans influenced culturally and economically the region in which we live today. Together with your guide, Mr Link, you will visit the Roman museum in our town and will try to imagine living in that time. With the help of a specialist you will try to mint old Roman coins, etc. The workshop will begin with an excursion to Heidelberg on Monday, 13.05.2013 starting from the railway station of  Osterburken. There you will meet your guide, Mrs Knapp, at 08:20 at latest! Mind the fact that the train leaves at 08:36!
Return: at about 03:30 pm (15:30 o'clock). You will have enough time to reach your buses and trains on your way back to the host families.

Number of Participants:
Germany (15) ; Other countries (14)

5. Workshop “Network of  Trade Routes: Salt”: A. Nolte, W. Pleger, G. Hillenbrand

Salt plays an important role in our life today. It is a central element contained in our body, our modern meals are almost impossible to imagine without the usage of salt. Today we can buy it in every supermarket for some cents per kilo but this was not always the case in the course of history. For instance, in the Middle  Ages salt was as valuable as gold because it was extremely important for the medieval kitchen, but above all, it was used as a means of conservation of food. On top of that, it was very difficult to obtain salt in Europe, that is why a broad network of salt trade emerged on the continent. In this way, many European cities became bigger and richer, they grew to medieval centres of trade.., for example Salzburg, Lüneburg. Through the trade with salt and its transport, the early European towns were linked into a network, which can be seen as a form of early European links and cooperation.
In this workshop you will try to find such links and networks in our region functioning in the past and in the presence. This kind of local European cooperation would be presented to you by Mr Nolte and you will experience it practically during the excursion to the  town of  Schwäbish Hall led by Mr Pleger and Mr Hillenbrand on Thursday, 16.05.2013.
During this excursion you will also go swimming in the local baths/swimming pool. Departure: 09:00 from the school bus station. Return: at about 04:00pm (16:00 o’clock). You will be able to catch your buses on the way back home! Do not forget: swimming equipment!!!! German students and their guests: bring a permission signed by your parents certifying that you can swim and that they agree with your visiting and swimming in the baths of the city of Schwäbish Hall during this excursion!!! Without it you will not be allowed to join the group into the swimming pool!!!

Number of Participants:
Germany (13) ; Other countries (11)

6. Workshop “Model Construction”:  Dr. H. Illge

In this workshop you will try to construct a big, fine and exact model of a railway station of a European city. The idea of this construction workshop came to us thinking about the past and our own first experiences in travelling through Europe with the help of the youth tickets of IterRail. InterRail and the European network of railways played a very important role in the establishing of connections, friendships and exchange of ideas between young people in Europe  before the fall of the Iron Curtain and still contribute to their quick and effective cooperation and contacts on the continent making it easy for them to identify themselves as Europeans.

Number of Participants:
Germany (5) ; Other countries (5)

International Choir

practicing in Osterburken: Leader is G. Fischer

Our colleague Georg Fischer, a teacher of  Music and German Language and Literature, has kindly offered us to practice with some volunteers from ALL THE COUNTRIES participating in the exchange project in Osterburken some modern English songs OF YOUR CHOICE  in the time between 12:00 and 13:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. He even does not call it a workshop, the idea is of singing together for pleasure, voluntarily, without any pressure, just enjoy an hour together: people from different European nations interacting and coming closer to each other on the basis of music. Pupils who join this session will be free from their workshops for an hour. EVERYBODY is welcome!

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